Few Rules Of Cell Phone Decorum

The invention of cell phones (cellular) may be equated at par with the invention of radio, telephone or the television. Its usage has grown to astronomical proportions. Almost every human being from a bubbling teenager to an old infirm individual keeps a cell phone (cellular). Previously it was considered a status symbol, but now with prices hitting rock bottom, it has become a necessity with everyone, right from the daily wage laborer to the company president.

Along with its wide spread use has also come its wide spread abuse. You can find people talking, nay, yelling on their cell phones (cellular) at every nook and corner. The ease-of-use and its superb functionality have made people go into some sort of a virtual phantom private world, where they lose consciousness of their surroundings. They are so absorbed with the voice coming from their devices and their incessant loud reply to it that they forget they are social beings living in a civilized society, where other persons also have a right to silence. Cell phone users, almost every one of them, assume that the society has a high tolerance for their constant chatter and they care-a-dime even if you hear their private conversations, shocking revelations or intimate sweet nothings.

It is common to hear people talking on cell phones (cellular) at hospitals, job interviews, funerals, weddings, sporting events, cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, conference halls, and at business meetings. Hearing Chopin`s or Mozart`s Overture suddenly going off in Broadway shows is not uncommon, although mobile phones have to be strictly switched off or has to be set to vibrate or mute according to the rules. Libraries, auditoriums, museums, hospitals, and all enclosed places for public use like elevators, conference rooms, restaurants, and cafeterias are filled with people laughing, crying, or going hysterical while speaking to someone invisible. With hands free cell phones (cellular), you can see a person talking with full dramatic gestures that a few years back, would have been considered a sure sign of insanity and madness.

Most road accidents happen because people talk more and drive less. It has been found that holding the cell phone (cellular) while driving is one of the main reasons of car accidents, as the conversation itself is distracting; hence, the accidents even happen with hands free cell phones. Technological change is forcing the society to define new norms and is leading towards a paradigm shift in societal acceptance of what is termed as cell phone behavior. The thin line between private and personal has vanished. The wireless and Gen Y kids believe it is their birthright to use cell phones (cellular) and other technological products anywhere and anytime, without care or respect for anyone.

This use or abuse of the cell phones (cellular) urgently demands enforcement of civilized practices, which may be called as mobile manners, mobile etiquette, or rules of cell phone decorum. This enforcement cannot be done by the organized agencies of law, like the courts or the police, but it has to be enforced by the public, by you, by me, and by everyone.

People should follow certain dos and don`ts while using their cell phones (cellular). Private conversations should never be done in public. They should also understand that speaking at a low volume gives more clarity at the other hand than yelling and shouting. They should realize that the vibrate feature can always be used at gatherings, meetings, auditoriums, and all other public places.

Multitasking while talking can only distract and never prove beneficial. They should never talk on their cell phones (cellular) while shopping, driving, crossing the streets, or while doing other personal business. Keeping the conversation short and brief has to be encouraged. And everyone should tell everyone about these mobile manners or these few rules of cell phone decorum. Then only will a change happen. A change much needed for the betterment of the individual, the society, and for the technological marvel – the cell phone (cellular).

Cell Phone Accessories – Personalize Your Mobile Phone

The increased usage of cellular phones gives rise to the accessories used for cell phone and wireless devices. Cell phone accessories include varying value additions such as:

Faceplates: Allow you to change the cover of the cell phone you use from a myriad range of choices. From the regular single or twin shade standardized faceplate you can customize your faceplate with the print, colour or design of your choice. The faceplates are also available depending on the brand and model you use. Some popular choices include: transparent clear faceplates, football print faceplate, zebra or leopard print faceplates etc.
Batteries: Irreversible damage done to batteries of cellular phones or wireless devices can make the cellular phone or wireless device a redundant piece of electronic item. Batteries made available by cell phone accessory dealers ensure you do not have to invest in a new phone or wireless device by simply replacing a new battery with the damaged one. You need to ensure the batteries are company manufactured and are compatible with the brand and model of cellular phone or wireless device you use.
Chargers: Chargers are essentially provided as a single unit item and there is the possibility of not carrying the charger among travelers. Cellular phones are especially indispensable for business travelers and cellular phones without adequate battery charge cannot be used. Cell phone accessory dealers provide brand and model compatible chargers that can be used as and when required. People also maintain separate chargers in office and home to have a charger handy when required.
Bluetooth Headsets: Bluetooth headsets can be purchased separately to enable wireless Bluetooth technology available with the phone you use. Most cellular phones provide Bluetooth technology but headsets and hands free units must be purchased separately. Bluetooth headsets, hands free units and kits are made available by cellular phone accessory dealers to help you use the facilities available with your phone.
Holsters and Belt Clips: Holsters and belt clips allow you to keep the phone safe and secure in the position you intend to keep it. Holsters and belt clips are also customized to suit the specific brand and model to ensure it is compatible with the model. Holsters and clips allow the cellular devices to be clipped to bags, belts, purses and pockets.
Data Cables and Memory: Data cable is required to transfer or synchronize data between the phone and the computer. Data cable helps the phone download songs from the computer or transfer pictures from the phone to computer or vice versa. Loss of the data cable can cause inconvenience to the user incase of transferring data. Data cables can be purchased as a cellular phone accessory separately but you need to ensure it is compatible with the brand of phone you use and also meets the model’s requirements. The software required to enable the data transfer is also widely available among cell phone accessory dealers. Data cable and software is usually provided when purchasing the phone only loss or damage to the device may require you to purchase a substitute.
Antennas and Parts: Antennas once lost or damaged can be replaced by purchasing brand and model compatible antennas from cell phone accessory dealers. Cell phone accessory dealers also stock hard to find replacement parts to ensure they are equipped with any accessory requirements you may have.
Bling Kits and Charms: Bling kits are a set of 300-400 crystal stones which can be peeled and stuck on the cover of the phone to glamorize your phone. Cell phone charms include bells, flowers or music notes attached to a cord that can be entwined in the space provided by every phone model. These kits and charms are essentially used to customize a standard phone to suit personal tastes.
Leather Cases: Leather cases are required to provide a protective sheath to the cellular phone. Cellular phones attract a host of germs, dirt and grime with every day usage. Keeping phones in a leather case after every use ensures your phone is hygienic and dose not attract dirt. Leather cases are available in different shapes and sizes to meet specific cellular phone models requirements.
Keypads and Flashing: Keypads can be replaced with identical or colorful keypads by purchasing them from accessory dealers who stock same company manufactured keypads. You can also choose among laser dials which illuminate on keying the numbers.

Other cellular phone accessories include: games, graphics, ring tones which help you personalize or customize your phone to meet your tastes and suit your lifestyle.

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Why Cellular Expense Management is Important For a Company

Cellular Expense Management is a branch of Telecom Expense Management which deals with the reduction of cellular costs to a company that provides cellular phones to employees. In several companies, cellular phones now hold an extremely important role in keeping the management in touch with employees. Several companies hand out company issued cellular phones to field employees to keep in touch with them and get notified about updates. Some of the companies do not set limits for the usage of these devices for personal usage and they usually do not go over the invoices from the cellular companies as well. This means that the expenditure on cellular phones is much more than what it should have been.

The importance of Cellular Expense Management lies in the fact that abuse of company phones for personal usage by employees is often rampant if not kept under check. There should be limits placed on company phones to avoid this abuse. A notice should be sent to all employees whom are entitled to have a company phone to notify them about their budgets and if someone crosses this budget the additional money will be deducted from his or her salary. This ensures that the employees start to check their usage and this brings a huge reduction in telecom bills from cellular companies.

Another place where a company loses out when providing employees with cellular phones is data charges. Many companies choose the default cellular packages for employees which usually have no data contracts and with that, data usage is also activated and charges on it are levied per unit consumed. These charges are usually very high and simple browsing for a few hours by an employee may cost the firm dearly. Telecom Expense Management firms, when hired for Cellular Expense Management, always check out first if the jobs of employees require data to be sent and received.

If the cell phone is given to a delivery man for a company, he may surely not need to go online for his job needs. Thus companies usually block data usage for these types of job posts on the insistence of TEM firms. If the job of an employee requires usage of data on a regular scale such as a network analyst, Telecom Expense Management companies help get him a data plan to suit his needs and reduce the company’s expenditure.

Overall, many employees spend money on a variety of Cellular phone services such as text messaging, multimedia messaging, calls and data. The people practicing Cellular Expense Management look at the trends of individual cell phone usage and apply cellular phone packages according to individual needs. This helps maintain productivity and reduces costs. All the money saved from the practicing of Cellular Expense Management can be used in other places such as development of newer technological methods for the company as well as progress and diversification. As the potential for abuse in the usage of cell phones from employees is very high, lack of monitoring of cellular phone expenses can prove to become very expensive and unneeded for the company.

In several cases, especially for desk jobs, it is better for a company to provide a landline phone to the employee instead of a cellular phone as landline phones are often cheaper and usage of them for personal purposes is also not very high. Telecom Expense Management Companies usually place a very high emphasis on Cellular Expense Management as this is an area where they can bring about large reductions in expenditure without any noticeable loss of output. And with the advent of commoditization of cellular phones, Cellular Expense Management will undoubtedly increase in scope.

Recognizing Common Cellular Phone Problems

Cellular phones are in schools, banks, malls, and homes across the country. While cellular phones have been an important technological advancement, they’re not without their drawbacks.

Reliability is one of the most significant disadvantages of cellular phones. Many people have replaced their land-line home phones with cellular phones, but this could prove problematic in a true emergency. If your house is on fire, dead batteries and weak signals are the last things you should be worrying about. Dropping your land-line service may seem like an easy way to save a few dollars, but in most cases it’s not worth the risk.

Cell phones can also be easily damaged by improper handling and storage. Non-repairable corrosion can result if you expose your cellular phone to water or use wet hands to push the buttons. Exposing your cellular phone to excessive heat can damage the battery or internal components. Leaving your cell phone in extremely cold temperatures could possibly cause a temporary loss of the screen display.

While it won’t endanger your life or harm your phone, cellular phone “cloning” will damage your bank account. A phone is cloned when someone steals its unique electronic serial number and telephone number. This allows the thief to charge unauthorized calls to your account. If you think you have been a victim of cloning, contact your cellular phone carrier immediately.

Subscriber fraud is similar to cloning and occurs when a thief steals your personal information to sign up for a cellular phone account in your name. Once you’ve discovered that you’ve been the victim of subscriber fraud, it can be difficult to prove to your cellular phone carrier that you did not incur the charges.

Cellular phones are integral part of life for many individuals, but it’s important to be aware of potential problems that may arise from their use. Like any other modern electronic device, cellular phones are not without their drawbacks.

What You Should Look For When Choosing An MP3 Cellular Phone

Cellular phones focus on what they are created for, communication, and usually not much else. Some brands of cellular phones offer additional features but they are not as robust as they could be if that is not the main focus of the design of the phone.

Cellular phones can hold only so much hardware, and the majority of the hardware is usually used for the communication features. If you are looking to buy a cellular phone that can also play MP3 files, then you should do a lot of research before investing in an MP3 cellular phone.

Cellular phones of today will let you take pictures, short videos, surf the web and send text messages. You can get all of these features, as well as all of the features provided with your calls, in a sleek small design that fits into your pocket. If you have a cellular phone that takes pictures, you can see that it does not take pictures as well as a digital camera. This is because digital cameras are made for digital photography only, and not much else. So the hardware in a digital camera is used to ensure that you get the best images possible. The hardware in a cellular phone on the other hand does not, so it would need a lot of extra hardware to provide this feature. Even then it would not provide the same quality as found in digital cameras.

This can be the same for a cellular phone that plays MP3 files. Although you may hear the music, the quality is not going to be as good as the quality you would get from a Hi-Fi stereo system. But don’t let this dissuade you from purchasing an MP3 phone, you can find a cellular phone with high audio quality if you know what to look for.

The first thing you should check is the audio quality itself. Visit a few cellular phone stores and ask to listen to their MP3 phones before purchasing. If the sound quality is bad, look for another phone. Remember, it matters what you, the owner of the phone, think of the sound quality.

You should also know what restrictions are in place from the service you are using. Cellular phones usually come with restrictions that you won’t find with typical MP3 players. Also, some cellular phones will not play MP3 format, so your songs would need to be converted to another format. When purchasing music for your cellular phone, you will sometimes find that the music store used by the service can be expensive. Some services will not allow you to add music any other way than through their music store.

Cellular MP3 phones also do not provide as much storage space as most MP3 players. If you wish to add just a few songs, then you will not find the several hundred megabytes limit a problem. If you wish to add hundreds of songs then you will have a hard time finding a cellular phone that will hold that much data.

The battery life is another thing you should consider when purchasing an MP3 cellular phone. You should get the specifications that state how long you can expect the battery to last when listening to music files continuously. If the battery is not expected to last much longer than a few hours, then you may want to consider another brand. You’re sure to find a good cellular phone with acceptable qualities for your audio needs, just be sure to look for these key things before deciding on what to purchase. Listen to the phone to ensure that you approve of the sound quality, get a list of any and all restrictions, find out the cost for music in the service provider’s music store, and find out the storage capability for the device and also the expected battery life when listening to your music non-stop.

Cellular Phone Numbers Search – How To Trace Cellular Numbers on the Web

Today, there are well over one billion cellular phones in use throughout the world. This in turn means that there are more than one billion cellular phone numbers globally. In the United States alone, the number of cellular phone numbers has surpassed the 200 million mark.

The number of cellular phone users is only going up. It is estimated that in the near future, the number of cellular phone numbers will outnumber that of land line telephone numbers. With all these facts, many people find it a surprise that there is no formal directory of cellular numbers nationally (or internationally for that matter).

If you have a cellular number that you need to trace you will have to pay to get the results. If you want to find the cellular phone number of your old college buddy, you are going to have to remove your wallet from the back pocket and shell out some cash. Since the big cellular phone companies will not (and currently cannot for that matter) release cellular numbers to form a directory, you will have to go the third party route to get your information.

The good news is that in the past couple of years a number of these reverse cell phone services have popped up online. You can pay by the number or you can join a monthly membership service where you can search multiple times. The prices vary depending on the choice you make.

Another option is to go out an pay a visit to your local private investigator. They will often run a cellular phone number trace for a price of under $50. You also will not normally have to pay out anything unless they are successful in tracing your number.

If you need to lookup someone else’s cellular phone number and all you have is their name, that’s going to be a bit more difficult. It can be done, but normally a private eye is going to be needed. It is also going to cost you more. Online investigative services like Abika and Best People Search will normally do this for $50 to $75 per search.

On a final note, before you pay a dime to run a reverse cellular search or to find someone’s cellular number, you should turn to the Internet. Everyday, people unknowingly make their cellular numbers public information when they post them on their blogs and on websites like Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites. Just type in the person’s name plus the phrase “cell phone”, “cellular phone” or “mobile phone” and see what returns. If you need to reverse search the number, simply enter the actual phone number into the search engine and see if you get a hit!

For more on how to search reverse cellular phone numbers [http://reversecellphonesearch.biz/cellular-phone-numbers-can-you-simply-trace-reverse-cellular-numbers-online/reverse-search/] and for other articles related to reverse cellular phone search tactics, visit [http://reversecellphonesearch.biz/] today!

How to Get a Free Wireless Phone and Get the Best Free Cell Phone Deals

Why waste time driving all over town to compare cell phone deals and plans when you can shop all of the major carriers from the comfort of your own home? Comparing free cell phones has never been easier.

Choose your free wireless phone for free and have it fast! – as little as 24-48 hours! Many smart and savvy consumers are purchasing their free cell phones over the Internet. From the convenience of your home, you can shop and compare from the various cellular carriers.

Wireless carriers will sell you a phone at a discount or even give you a free phone but will require you to sign a one or two year service contract. You will have to pass a credit approval process and promise to pay monthly calling plan fees once you sign up for mobile phone deals. If you break the deal or your cellular phone contract, you will have to pay a huge termination penalty. If you perform your due diligence and search the Internet, you can find free cell phone deals with package deals on minutes, and huge savings on your next wireless phone.

Cell phones and cellular service plans can cost you a lot of money if you don’t choose a company with a low rate plan. If you already have a wireless phone number that you don’t wish to change, you can transfer it or port it when signing up for your new free wireless phone.

Compare the best deals on free cell phones, and cellular plans from AT&T, Cingular, T-mobile, Sprint, Nextel and Alltel. When buying a new phone there are many important factors to consider.

Often these free cell phone offers are a way of stimulating sales by the wireless providers and may not reoccur in the near future! Many wireless carriers or cell phone carriers are often given huge bonuses and commissions for getting new cellular phone customers. They will often pass on the savings to their new cell phone customers by the way of a “free cell phone”.

You can obtain a free wireless phone and perhaps even make some money by receive a cash rebate back! In fact most of these free cell phones offer instant and mail-in rebates which allow you to make money when purchasing free phones! Pick the free deal that suits your needs from the various cell phone cellular carriers such as Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Alltel.

Cell phones are more popular than ever. With the tough competition amongst the top cellular carriers trying to get your business, many of the cellular carriers offer free wireless cell phones.

Best Ways to Get Free Cell Phones

Family Share Plan – Cellular carriers offer free wireless cellular phones as an incentive for signing up for their family share plan. Family cell phone plans allow two or more family members to share allotted minutes within the plan and receive a single monthly bill. When coupled with the latest free cell phone deals, a family plan offers maximum value for those who need multiple lines of service. Most family plan offers also include free long distance, a national coverage area (no roaming charges), free night and weekend minutes, and free mobile-to-mobile calling, allowing members of the family plan unlimited airtime to talk with each other.

New Customer Incentive or Contract Extension – All major cellular carriers offer a wide variety of free wireless phones that are equipped with all of the latest features. The cellular service agreements range in length from 18-24 months and require a penalty if service is discontinued before the contract ends. So if you want a good deal on a new free wireless cellular phone, consider changing your cellular carrier and choose one that offers a new free cell phone. Or perhaps your current cellular contract is up for renewal. Often times if you extend or renew your cellular contract, you can receive credit towards a purchase of a new free cell phone.

After doing extensive research on the various online cell phone providers and cellular stores, I’ve come across WirelessPhones4Free.com [http://www.WirelessPhones4Free.com] that offers a variety of free cell phones from the various cell phone cellular carriers such as Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Alltel.

Sale on Cell Phones – Cheap Cell Phone Alternatives

Earlier, people had a common notion that cellular phones are simply lavish playthings but the increasing demands for those have altered this concept and there is a huge increase in cell phones sales. Over 90% of Americans now own cell phones. Cellular devices have developed as a very crucial tool for the masses together with parents who always want to be updated about their kids. Business executives prove to be more successful and involved with their business mainly with a multi-functional cellular phone. These days teenagers also own cellular devices. Previously one thought that cellular phones are just playthings for showing off but nowadays they are considered as an utmost important accessory. Various cellular phones having distinct designs and features that are obtainable in the market. A simple phone having the most basic features is also offered at a cheaper cost.

Due to the huge demand and desire for cell phones, which has boosted up sales, the makers have poured the market with cheaper cellular devices to advanced cellular phones. In case you are amongst those who can spend a large amount of money on a sophisticated cellular phone, then it is great for you. If you desire a cell phone but are unable to purchase an advanced one, then you may opt to find a sale on cell phones. If you are clear of your requirements then it will be always beneficial for you to get a cell at a decent price and practical features. If you go for a cheaper cell, you should never anticipate it to perform high-tech activities of an advanced phone. Only calling and receiving calls should be expected from a cheaper phone. As you cannot purchase a great advanced phone with some superb features, remaining content with your cheaper cell is what you should be doing.

The easy to afford phones may only provide you the most fundamental communication facilities. Making and receiving calls is the prominent attribute of a cheaper cellular phone. You should double check the reception of your cheaper cellular device if you intend to use it only for basic purposes. In addition to this, text message service may be obtainable for a cheaper cellular phone but that too on a partial basis. In case you get a cheaper cellular phone which has a text messaging function, it would be certainly beneficial for you.

It might not be possible for you to get internet connectivity as you need a few advanced features to access the same. But if you opt for a basic phone, then you might not be interested in the internet communication feature. If in case you still want to receive messages from internet websites, this cheap phone is not going to fulfill your needs.

If you can manage a cellular plan which offers a free phone, you may select a cellular phone plan which also gives you a cellular device with sophisticated features without any cost. It may not be the high-end phone but surely it would not be the cheapest cellular phone either. Many network organizations provide this exquisite scheme with a sale on cell phones and hence you may utilize this benefit by acquiring a great quality cellular device. If you can get a decent agreement from a cell phone plan, you may get rid of the plain, simple cellular phones.

You should always remain well-researched in case you are seeking sale on cell phone shortly as you might get a good benefit even if you have a low budget. This may help you in getting a great price on a cell phone. Check out this blog revealing the best place to find the biggest Sale on Cell Phones.

Cellular Phone Service Accessories

Cellular phones offer additional services along with their main purpose, that of communication. Many cellular phone models provide features such as a built in digital camera, an MP3 music player, a phone book directory, a variety of customized alerts and integrated organizer features. There are cellular phones that allow Internet and Email access. Most cellular phone service providers extend optional services to access Internet and Email. Some models receive and play video and TV programs. Different types of cellular phone service accessories are required for these facilities.

There are two main types of cellular phones, such as analog cellular phones and digital cellular phones. Digital cellular phones are widely used due to low power consumption, high security and high sound quality. Smart phones are digital phones that allow easy access to Email and Internet. The cellular phone service accessories required are different for different phones. Cellular phone models with headset, Bluetooth and wireless connection system are also available.

Cellular phone service providers give ring tones to alert users to incoming calls. Separate ring tones can be set for different callers. Thus the user can easily identify the caller. Wallpapers are cellular accessories that can feature movies, actors and music groups. These cellular accessories are usually downloaded from the Internet. Cell phone battery is an important accessory. A long lasting and high quality battery is essential for maximizing the talk-time. Chargers and hands free headsets are other common accessories. Different types of connection cables are required to access additional services.

Cellular phones have both software and hardware accessories. Most cellular phone service providers give all the accessories required for their services. Connecting a cellular phone to a computer is possible with a few additional accessories. Wireless connection between the cellular phone and computer is another feature.

Cellular phones and their accessories must be protected from external stress. There are coverings and cases to protect the phone.

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Cellular One Phone

Cellular One is one of America’s most enduring and recognized brands in wireless telephony. As a leader in the industry’s growth and development since the beginning of wireless telephone service, Cellular One phone has a reputation for quality, value and trust among wireless customers nationwide. Cellular One phone continues to rank as the leading brand for the independent carrier, providing service for millions of customers across the United States. Cellular One phone network is a national coalition of more than 20 wireless service carriers. Carriers of the Cellular One name follow strict guidelines through a national licensing program, in an effort to create consistent quality of service in all markets.

The digital services offered by Cellular One phone are either CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) or TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), and are a must for anyone wanting to take advantage of newer features, such as caller ID, voice mail, e-mail, or searching the Internet.

Choosing a Cellular One Phone Service Plan

Do a personal calling inventory. Determine how many calls you’re likely to make from your Cellular one phone, the time of day you’re likely to place the calls and what days you’re likely to make the calls. Decide if you want your Cellular One phone to replace your home land-line phone.

Cellular One provides a variety of pricing plans designed to accommodate light, regular or heavy volume customers. Choose a plan that best fits your calling patterns. If you plan to use the Cellular One phone occasionally, select an economy plan. If you make frequent calls from your Cellular One phone, it may be more economical to sign up for a plan that provides a certain amount of free minutes of usage. Frequent users should sign up for a service plan which provides a higher monthly fee, several free hours and the lowest rate for air time.

Compare local coverage areas. A roaming charge applies when you call from outside your home area. Some homed areas span several states, so any Cellular One phone call made within that large area is considered a local call. Business travelers who make lots of long distance calls should choose a plan with a national rate.

Cellular One Phone Features

Cellular One phone offers a multitude of features that are inherent in the phone, depending on the Cellular One phone and the service plan you choose. There are some additional features that are available a la carte for a small additional monthly fee. The basic inherent features of a Cellular One phone include:

3-Way Calling

Initiate a conference call with two other parties through your wireless Cellular One phone.

Basic VoiceMail

Never miss a call again. Customize your greeting and retrieve any messages with your Cellular One phone.

Call Forwarding

Transfer incoming calls to another number. Usage minutes still apply.

Call Waiting

Place a call on hold while answering an incoming call; then return to your first call.

Caller ID

View incoming calls before you answer. This feature is available on most Cellular One phones.

Detailed Billing

Provides a list of all incoming and outgoing calls made from your wireless Cellular One phone (includes roaming and long distance details).

Unlimited Incoming Text Messages

Remember, there is never a charge for incoming text messages! You pay only $.10 a message if you exceed the number of messages included in your Cellular One phone package. Every customer can send text messages regardless of whether they choose a text message package.

Standard Wireless Internet

Provides access to purchase ringtones and wallpapers through your Cellular One phone. Also includes access to wireless websites for quick access to sport scores, news and weather all over the Cellular One GSM/GPRS nationwide network. Usage is billed at $.03 per KB.

Feature availability and pricing is dependent on the service plan and the Cellular One phone you choose. Some features may not be available in all areas.