Cellular One Phone

Cellular One is one of America’s most enduring and recognized brands in wireless telephony. As a leader in the industry’s growth and development since the beginning of wireless telephone service, Cellular One phone has a reputation for quality, value and trust among wireless customers nationwide. Cellular One phone continues to rank as the leading brand for the independent carrier, providing service for millions of customers across the United States. Cellular One phone network is a national coalition of more than 20 wireless service carriers. Carriers of the Cellular One name follow strict guidelines through a national licensing program, in an effort to create consistent quality of service in all markets.

The digital services offered by Cellular One phone are either CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) or TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), and are a must for anyone wanting to take advantage of newer features, such as caller ID, voice mail, e-mail, or searching the Internet.

Choosing a Cellular One Phone Service Plan

Do a personal calling inventory. Determine how many calls you’re likely to make from your Cellular one phone, the time of day you’re likely to place the calls and what days you’re likely to make the calls. Decide if you want your Cellular One phone to replace your home land-line phone.

Cellular One provides a variety of pricing plans designed to accommodate light, regular or heavy volume customers. Choose a plan that best fits your calling patterns. If you plan to use the Cellular One phone occasionally, select an economy plan. If you make frequent calls from your Cellular One phone, it may be more economical to sign up for a plan that provides a certain amount of free minutes of usage. Frequent users should sign up for a service plan which provides a higher monthly fee, several free hours and the lowest rate for air time.

Compare local coverage areas. A roaming charge applies when you call from outside your home area. Some homed areas span several states, so any Cellular One phone call made within that large area is considered a local call. Business travelers who make lots of long distance calls should choose a plan with a national rate.

Cellular One Phone Features

Cellular One phone offers a multitude of features that are inherent in the phone, depending on the Cellular One phone and the service plan you choose. There are some additional features that are available a la carte for a small additional monthly fee. The basic inherent features of a Cellular One phone include:

3-Way Calling

Initiate a conference call with two other parties through your wireless Cellular One phone.

Basic VoiceMail

Never miss a call again. Customize your greeting and retrieve any messages with your Cellular One phone.

Call Forwarding

Transfer incoming calls to another number. Usage minutes still apply.

Call Waiting

Place a call on hold while answering an incoming call; then return to your first call.

Caller ID

View incoming calls before you answer. This feature is available on most Cellular One phones.

Detailed Billing

Provides a list of all incoming and outgoing calls made from your wireless Cellular One phone (includes roaming and long distance details).

Unlimited Incoming Text Messages

Remember, there is never a charge for incoming text messages! You pay only $.10 a message if you exceed the number of messages included in your Cellular One phone package. Every customer can send text messages regardless of whether they choose a text message package.

Standard Wireless Internet

Provides access to purchase ringtones and wallpapers through your Cellular One phone. Also includes access to wireless websites for quick access to sport scores, news and weather all over the Cellular One GSM/GPRS nationwide network. Usage is billed at $.03 per KB.

Feature availability and pricing is dependent on the service plan and the Cellular One phone you choose. Some features may not be available in all areas.