Cellular Phone Numbers Search – How To Trace Cellular Numbers on the Web

Today, there are well over one billion cellular phones in use throughout the world. This in turn means that there are more than one billion cellular phone numbers globally. In the United States alone, the number of cellular phone numbers has surpassed the 200 million mark.

The number of cellular phone users is only going up. It is estimated that in the near future, the number of cellular phone numbers will outnumber that of land line telephone numbers. With all these facts, many people find it a surprise that there is no formal directory of cellular numbers nationally (or internationally for that matter).

If you have a cellular number that you need to trace you will have to pay to get the results. If you want to find the cellular phone number of your old college buddy, you are going to have to remove your wallet from the back pocket and shell out some cash. Since the big cellular phone companies will not (and currently cannot for that matter) release cellular numbers to form a directory, you will have to go the third party route to get your information.

The good news is that in the past couple of years a number of these reverse cell phone services have popped up online. You can pay by the number or you can join a monthly membership service where you can search multiple times. The prices vary depending on the choice you make.

Another option is to go out an pay a visit to your local private investigator. They will often run a cellular phone number trace for a price of under $50. You also will not normally have to pay out anything unless they are successful in tracing your number.

If you need to lookup someone else’s cellular phone number and all you have is their name, that’s going to be a bit more difficult. It can be done, but normally a private eye is going to be needed. It is also going to cost you more. Online investigative services like Abika and Best People Search will normally do this for $50 to $75 per search.

On a final note, before you pay a dime to run a reverse cellular search or to find someone’s cellular number, you should turn to the Internet. Everyday, people unknowingly make their cellular numbers public information when they post them on their blogs and on websites like Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites. Just type in the person’s name plus the phrase “cell phone”, “cellular phone” or “mobile phone” and see what returns. If you need to reverse search the number, simply enter the actual phone number into the search engine and see if you get a hit!

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