Why Cellular Expense Management is Important For a Company

Cellular Expense Management is a branch of Telecom Expense Management which deals with the reduction of cellular costs to a company that provides cellular phones to employees. In several companies, cellular phones now hold an extremely important role in keeping the management in touch with employees. Several companies hand out company issued cellular phones to field employees to keep in touch with them and get notified about updates. Some of the companies do not set limits for the usage of these devices for personal usage and they usually do not go over the invoices from the cellular companies as well. This means that the expenditure on cellular phones is much more than what it should have been.

The importance of Cellular Expense Management lies in the fact that abuse of company phones for personal usage by employees is often rampant if not kept under check. There should be limits placed on company phones to avoid this abuse. A notice should be sent to all employees whom are entitled to have a company phone to notify them about their budgets and if someone crosses this budget the additional money will be deducted from his or her salary. This ensures that the employees start to check their usage and this brings a huge reduction in telecom bills from cellular companies.

Another place where a company loses out when providing employees with cellular phones is data charges. Many companies choose the default cellular packages for employees which usually have no data contracts and with that, data usage is also activated and charges on it are levied per unit consumed. These charges are usually very high and simple browsing for a few hours by an employee may cost the firm dearly. Telecom Expense Management firms, when hired for Cellular Expense Management, always check out first if the jobs of employees require data to be sent and received.

If the cell phone is given to a delivery man for a company, he may surely not need to go online for his job needs. Thus companies usually block data usage for these types of job posts on the insistence of TEM firms. If the job of an employee requires usage of data on a regular scale such as a network analyst, Telecom Expense Management companies help get him a data plan to suit his needs and reduce the company’s expenditure.

Overall, many employees spend money on a variety of Cellular phone services such as text messaging, multimedia messaging, calls and data. The people practicing Cellular Expense Management look at the trends of individual cell phone usage and apply cellular phone packages according to individual needs. This helps maintain productivity and reduces costs. All the money saved from the practicing of Cellular Expense Management can be used in other places such as development of newer technological methods for the company as well as progress and diversification. As the potential for abuse in the usage of cell phones from employees is very high, lack of monitoring of cellular phone expenses can prove to become very expensive and unneeded for the company.

In several cases, especially for desk jobs, it is better for a company to provide a landline phone to the employee instead of a cellular phone as landline phones are often cheaper and usage of them for personal purposes is also not very high. Telecom Expense Management Companies usually place a very high emphasis on Cellular Expense Management as this is an area where they can bring about large reductions in expenditure without any noticeable loss of output. And with the advent of commoditization of cellular phones, Cellular Expense Management will undoubtedly increase in scope.